Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday: my apologies to MacGruff and Nancy Reagan

Down and dirty Tuesday! To what can you not "just say no"?

Top 5 vices, y'all!

1. Boots, beards and tattoos: the trifecta of sexy. Meeeeooooow!

2. Coffee: I'm like a crackhead; I don't need the pure stuff! I will drink gas station coffee. Some of the best coffee I've had recently was at a casino bar. True story!

3. Cardigans: I have so many. What can I say? It's my signature look.

4. Fried potatoes: French fries, hash browns, home fries, tater tots. Love 'Em all'

5. Iron & Wine: I love you, Sam Beam! His music makes me want to kiss a lumberjack in cold weather.


  1. You would've loved the framing place I was at today. Not only was it full of bearded, booted, and tattooed dudes, but Sam Beam was playing, too!

    Here's my Just Say Hell Yes list:

    1. Chips. If a bag is opened, I will eat the ENTIRE bag.

    2. Ditto sleeve of cookies.

    3. Ditto fries. I need my own plate. Also guacamole.

    4. Soft pants.

    5. Teen dramas. The good and the bad. Have you watched Sweet Valley High on YouTube lately?

  2. Let's eat chips and wear soft pants for a whole week!