Monday, November 15, 2010

29, Mighty Fine

To celebrate 29 years of me, I present to you 29 interesting, silly, pertinent, impertinent, mundane, but all true things about me.

1. I was born and raised in Texas. I always think of Margaret O'Brien's line in Meet me in St. Louis, "Aren't I lucky to have been born in my favorite place in the whole world?" Which brings me to...

2. Sometimes I spontaneously sing. "I Got Drunk Last Night, Dear Mother" is in my repetoire.

3. I'm a Scorpio. Not terribly clear about what this says about me.

4. I'm left handed, therefore highly adaptable to a world not built for me.

5. Everytime I happen by it on teevee, I will watch Bad Boys (original and sequel). Whatcha gonna do?

6. The best gift I ever received was a fluid sense of family from my mama. The more the merrier.

7. The second best gift I ever received was a ticket to Game 4 of the 2010 World Series.

8. I love the Texas Rangers.

9. I love football.

10. I loathe soccer.

11. The best compliment I ever received was from a student, a boy of 14: "Miss, I always knew you was a G!"

12. To understand me better watch Steel Magnolias;

13. Read To Kill a Mockingbird;

14. Listen to Patty Griffin's A Thousand Kisses album.

15. If you find yourself doing one of the items 12-14 and your heart isn't full and you haven't cried a bit, don't tell me. DO NOT TELL ME! I want to still love you in the morning.

16. I have nutriaphobia. I do not want to meet any pet hamsters.

17. I'm clumsy. My life is slapstick; I have the scars to prove it.

18. I'm a little like Delta Dawn: her mama "still calls her Baby."

19. To quote another song from the inimitable Tanya Tucker: I'd ride through Hell and half of Texas just to hear Willie Nelson sing a country song. My mama and daddy took me to my very first concert when I was 2 years old. I'm just that cool.

20. My own daddy passed away over four years ago. My heart still aches. My DNA was altered on that day; I'm doing my best, though.

21. I am powerless over fried potatoes.

22. And chocolate.

23. And beer.

24. I could rollerskate before I could walk.

25. All I ever wanted to be was 5'4". Does that seem like too much to ask?

26. I collect antique and mismatched china. I'm just sayin'...shoot. This could be valuable information to you...someday.

27. Until the first day of Kindergarten, I thought the last line of the Pledge of Allegiance was "And God Bless, Willie."

28. Over the last year, I learned that it is possible to forge real, valuable and important relationships over the interwebz. I am so 21st Century; she says with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

29. If you've made it all the way through this list, I 'preciate you, and I hope you'll come back.

love hugs hearts, ash


  1. Anyone who watches Steel Magnolias and doesn't cry, has no soul. Just saying.

  2. I just had to recite the Pledge of Allegiance to recall how it *really* ends :)
    And I like you even if you do hate soccer. I'm from Brazil--it's all we have. That and acai berries.

  3. Well howdy chicky! Stroke that ego all you like! It keeps us frozen folks in the great white north highly entertained!! :) Love it!

  4. Knowing you as a left-handed person has changed my perception of the world. I see the discrimination EVERY DAY.

    I'm right-handed but not narrow. Power to the South Paws.